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I made it! Finally managed to get my new blog started while it’s still May~! Why does it have to be in May, you ask? Because…IT MARKS THE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY LIFE AS A TACKEY (& TSUBASA) FANGIRL (though I don’t know the actual date)!!! =D (I will tell my story of how I met them in a later blog, so keep your eyes peeled!) But no worries for all my other friends who are *ahem* not T&T stalkers, I will blog about a bunch of other stuff (like keeping you updated on my life) too! ^^

I’m still trying to explore how wordpress blogs work. There seem to be so many things I can do here compared to my last (very badly abandoned) blog over at Xanga. Anyway, while I take my time to work through the details, here are some intro things I want to say:

– I will categorize my blogs into topics like “my life, T&T, my playlist (for fav songs)…etc, etc”…That way, for you guys reading my blog, whether I know you in real life or met you as a fellow fangirl, you can find what you want to read by simply clicking on the category of choice! I don’t exactly want to scare away my non-T&T obsessive friends by shoving my crazy T&T rants in their faces…haha. Well ok, I guess I am a neat freak too when it comes to blogging (this does NOT apply to my room at the moment! LOL~)

– Chances are, I will not be updating everyday because I simply cannot find that much time to do so. But I will try my best to not neglect this blog as much as I did my last one. My aim: to update maybe once or twice a week? We’ll see… =)

– Going with the previous point, this site will not be where you want to go to find out the latest T&T news. I usually get my dose from Michelle’s and Bonnie’s sites. However, what you CAN find here are my thoughts and comments about T&T-related things.

– Feel free to add me as a friend on your sites; in turn, let me know if I can link you from here also!

- Any pointers to working with wordpress is greatly appreciated! For example, how to change the size of my font? I am also in need of a pretty header…hrm…

Um…that’s all I can think of for now! Gotta go and do my biostats assignment and study for my thursday midterm. Oh what fun -.-”

じゃ、皆さん よろしくお願いします~



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