Wink Up Dec 2003 (3/3)

Posted on: February 9/09

Remember how I said that there was an incomplete conversation involving both Tackey & Tsubasa in this article?

Well, I usually find scans of these articles online and then translate them, but for this one, I am guessing a page is missing 😦 Oh well, sorry…

T&T basically chat about “Yume Monogatari” and “Hito Natsu no…”, and getting pumped up for concerts.

翼 : Looking at it from the bright side, let’s use this song [Yume Monogatari] to break through this kind of view!
滝 : I hope that kids in kindergarten will sing this song too! The kids can even do the dance moves/furitsuke. Kindergarten kids singing “You are love’s trap” (1) …everyone will be captivated by that (laugh).
翼 : That’s not a bad idea! Good job (laugh).
滝 : Looking at it from the bright side, “Hito Natsu no… (ひと夏の…)” in the regular edition is also a song that breaks through old ways of thinking, right? It’s a very sexy song.
翼 : Yep, very erotic (laugh). Like “Where are you trying to peek at?” (2) this kind of lyrics (laugh).
滝 : When I first got this song, I was surprised too! But this is a main point in the reformation (laugh). Also, although the lyrics are very sexy, the melody is quite cheerful. Even the singing style has a light feel!
翼 : That’s because this song is describing a past summer’s memories. It can let listeners think back to the memories of this summer.
滝 : Yep, that’s why the song title has “…”. It is up to each person how to fill in that “…” part. Listening to songs using this kind of mood is very fun!
翼 : And for me personally, I really like the melody in this song! It’s very suitable to sing in concerts.
滝 : Yeah. Thinking along this line, including our solo songs, all the songs in this single are good for concert performances! Because of this, I hope that we can be even more fired up in our next concert. Our fans are rather mature. I personally hope that they can be so high that they raise the venue’s roof in our concert!
翼 : If we sing “Yume Monogatari”, there won’t be anybody not pumped up, right? Releasing this single, there will be more people who know us than before.
滝 : That’s for sure. Speaking from this level, I really look forward to the future concerts. It’s the best if people can get excited during concerts afterall. It’s a shame if they don’t enjoy themselves thoroughly.
翼 : They need to use the approach that “even though there are unhappy things, they will disappear”.
滝 :
We will work hard to get the fans fired up too! And we hope that everyone will come to the concerts with a mentality of “today we will really enjoy ourselves”. If both sides have this kind of mood, the concerts will be very successful for sure!
翼 : I am anticipating our next concert more and more! I really want to hold a concert soon!

(1) “君が愛のワナ” (“Kimi ga ai no wana”)
(2) There are a couple of lines he was referring to:

[2a] ”もう一回覗きたい君の柔らかい場所を” (“Mou ikkai nozokitai kimi no yawarakai basho wo”) meaning “I want to peek at your soft place once more”
[2b] ”君の深みを探って” (“Kimi no fukami wo sagutte”) meaning “I look for your deep place”


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