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Drama Time!

Posted on: June 30/07

This is more for my own reference than anything else…but here are the Jdoramas I have lined up for this summer (and the months to come)!~
*note: subject to updates ^.~*

– Strawberry on the Shortcake (SOS)
– Boku Dake no Madonna
– Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
– Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love)
– Nobuta wo Produce
– News no Onna
– 1 Litre no Namida (1 Liter of Tears)

Ready to be watched: ie. discs available or downloaded already
– Taiyou wa Shizumanai (The Sun Never Sets) (note to self: try to translate for Michelle to sub!) (1/11) <– CURRENTLY WATCHING
– Taiyou no Kisetsu (Seasons of the Sun)
– Antique
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
– Gokusen 1 & 2
– Proposal Daisakusen

Future musts: ie. find a way to get it or start d/ling soon!
– Yoshitusne
– Kurosagi
– Hana Yori Dango 3
– more to come…

Future interests: ie. will decide when the above are finished
– My Boss My Hero
– Summer Snow
– Stand Up
– Dandori
– Sapuri
– Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
– Anego
– Any other suggestions?

(See how much I love Johnny boys and Oguri Shun? 😉 There is at least 1 in each drama! *LOL*)


Just read on Mich’s and Bon’s sites about T&T’s newest single “Samurai” to be released in early Aug.

Preliminary thoughts:

I love T&T for having solo PVs for a change. But the solo songs will have the same melody?! I’m not sure if I’m a supporter of that ne…

I hate AVEX for making 3 versions, all with such tempting goodies…ahh, what to do?!

I hate CdJapan for not sending me an email notification. *hmph*

= edit: June 28 =

Ok, research done. Although I really want the goodies from all 3 versions, I think I’ll stick to getting just one. *don’t kill me* I need to save up as much as possible for the Dame con dvd and the the Best of album…and of course, I must keep in mind my funds for going to Japan to see them LIVE next year, hopefully!~ ^^

Now… the problem is which version to get.
A: probably not because it seems like the dvd will just be live footage and offshots from the con, which I will probably see from the Dame con dvd. (By the way, where is the REGULAR PV for Samurai??)
B: Solo PVs are definitely tempting! But I would actually like it a lot better if the songs were different. If I hear the same melody too much, I can easily get sick of it, and I won’t want that happening. Besides, the PVs will probably be circulating on the net before the release date, right? I hope?
C: A bonus song with a pretty-sounding title of “Himegoto” and a double sided poster (fine, there’s the sticker too), but the best thing from this version is probably the PV off-shot photo booklet~ KYA! I think the chances of me flipping through a photo book in my spare time is higher than me popping in a dvd to watch 10-15 min of footage. I don’t know. Anyway, this seems like the version for me as of now!

Tower, CdJapan, and HMV pretty much sell for the same price; shipping costs differ a bit though. Shinseido sells versions A & B a bit cheaper, but if I’m getting version C, it really doesn’t matter. Amazon doesn’t sell it, and YesAsia doesn’t count towards the Oricon. Tower and Shinseido are in Japanese, which cause a bit of inconvenience. CdJapan has a history of delivering posters in good conditions, so that will probably be my choice! Their little coupon from a while back doesn’t hurt either! But if I am only getting 1 cd, my total is not high enough to be able to use that coupon. Hm…I wished the pre-orders for the Con dvd and the Best of album is up soon! =(

Haven’t put in my order quite yet. I sorta want to wait until I can order all 3 things together to calculate and compare the total costs. I wonder when the pre-orders for the other stuff will open. Will First press still be available for version C? Aahh, I know I’m being picky, but stupid shipping costs!!! >< I hate being an overseas fan… 😦

One of my favorite things to read on fanblogs are dreams about Tackey & Tsubasa. I guess in a way they are like fanfics, but dreams tend to be so much funnier and random! *lol* And it probably reflects how we as fans see them deep down too! =)

So far, I’ve had 2 dreams about the boys; Takki in one and Tsu in the other. They were quite a few months ago though, so I’ll try my best to remember!

I was walking side-by-side with him to his house for some reason (not holding hands -.-“) and we were talking about people getting sick nowadays and such. (The Tackey in my dream could speak perfect English, of course~) So we were talking about people getting sick and I think he mentioned Jin and some other JE boys catching the flu. I got the feeling that he was a tad worried that he will get sick himself (and that would not be good for work and everything), so I tried to ease his worries by saying “心配しないよ~!” with a cute smile. ^.^ And then guess what?! He started laughing and playfully elbowing me because I spoke Japanese!!! Imagine it as in the way that he’s half making fun of me in a flirty way and also being quite amused at the same time. I don’t remember what his exact words were, but the meaning was something along the lines of “何だ?! Why are you speaking Japanese all of a sudden?? *laughs*” Me: V_V… Anyway, then we reached his place. All I remembered was that he had a shelve full of transparent pinkish decoration objects. They were probably stones or candle holders or something. Some of them were even in heart shapes too, and they looked similar to this! HAHA. But then my dream ended and I had no idea what that last part was about. 😦


(This dream was REALLY hazy, so please bear with me!) I was in an art class of some sort with a few other people. The teacher was female and she was teaching us how to draw something. But then she had to leave for a little bit (maybe to the washroom?), so then we just continued drawing by ourselves. Suddenly, Tsubasa enters the room and all the attention was focused on him because 1) the room was quiet before and 2) he’s tall and wearing all black, which makes him seem even slimmer/taller! =P. He enthusiastically said something like “Okay class! Here is what we are going to do today!” Me and a few other students exchanged looks and went “But you are not even our teacher…” His reply “Of course I am!!! 😀 ” Us: Err… o.O… Fine, then show us what we are supposed to draw today.” He got out a piece of paper and some pencils and started to draw…And I don’t remember the rest of the dream >.<!!! *whacks forehead*

So those were my 2 main dreams of Takki & Tsu. Short and not exactly sweet/lovey-dovey, but that’s ok, because they were cute ^^. In addition though, I’ve had a couple other dreams where Tackey was mentioned. One of them was something about these gangs trying to get me to do something for them. They threatened me “If you don’t do it, Tackey will be plunged into icy cold water!” And immediately, I could see that happening: Takki being dropped into a pool that looked like the Arctic Ocean, with pieces of ice floating, and he’s struggling to stay up! I was so scared 😕 . But yes, it was just a brief mention of him. *sweat*

Hopefully, I will see Tackey and Tsu in my dreams again soon! Better yet, dream of them TOGETHER instead of separately! I want to see T&T chemistry right in front of my eyes! (sadly, not literally…although dreaming is probably the most realistic it’s going to get in a while for oversea fans like myself. 😦 )

By the way, I just finished watching “Tokyo Superstars” the Swedish documentary on Johnny’s Entertainment. Thanks to Glenda for telling me about it! If you haven’t seen it, let me ask Glenda if I can post up the d/l links here~

Some thoughts:
– LOVE how there are soooo many mentions of Takki ^^
– it’s cool how some of the songs were written half way across the world!
finally got a glimpse of what the Jshop looks like from the inside…so compact! And the lineup! o.O
– TOO FUNNY how 2 big Swedish men went to buy things at the Johnny’s shop and at the NEWS con (bright pink bags!)
– sugoi how Johnny’s have fans from SUCH a large age range (13-50)! Goes to show how successful JE truly is!
– much thanks to all the onee-chans who got their bros to join Johnny’s! (it seems like quite a few of them joined because of this reason)
– watching the fans go crazy fangirling over their idols got me all moriagatteru too!~ And yes, I did do all the furitsuke with them during the Kamen PV! hehe =D


Posted on: June 20/07

Wohoo! Finally done my summer course since Thursday, meaning…FREEDOM! (for now, at least until I find more work -.-)

– Caught up on almost all of the “Cartoon KAT-TUN” shows on Youtube. The most notable one has to be the one featuring Crystal Kay where Kame fangirls fanboys over her singing (starting around 2:35)! HAHA, look how excited he is!~ Too bad the subbed version has been taken off now =(

Actually, I didn’t even know KT had a bangumi until Bernice, being the new KAT-TUN fan that she is, told me about it. WHAT IS THIS, JOHNNY-SAN?! Are T&T the only ones who don’t have a bangumi together yet?!?! 😡
Let’s recall:

  • TOKIO = Mentore G, The Tetsuwan Dash
  • V6 = Gakkou e ikou, Viva Viva V6
  • Kinki Kids = Domoto Kyoudai
  • KAT-TUN = Cartoon KAT-TUN
  • Kanjani∞ = Jani-Ben, Mucha Buri
  • Ya-Ya-yah = Ya-Ya-yah show
  • (= edited: July 31 =) Arashi = Mago Mago Arashi
  • (I don’t know about NEWS)

What has the Jimusho come to?! Tackey & Tsubasa, the famous leaders, do not get a show of their own?! 😡 Seriously! Some groups have more than 1 weekly show too!! Why not give one of them to T&T instead?! grr… ><
But I’ll try to stay positive…seeing so many groups hosting their own shows, that MUST mean that T&T will get one eventually too, right?? I just hope it’s soon! *fingers crossed*

– Got a haircut! got bangs!! And I went a little camera happy 🙂


– Worked. It was the grand opening day at the bank too~
– Went to Jon’s house for youth group Too bad the Japanese homestay didn’t join us XP

– Church in the morning. I went late and he left early, so darn! missed my chance to speak to him again! lol~
– FINALLY went to a Japanese bookstore! Much thanks to Wilfred for bringing me! 😀 It was a great experience! Definitely going there again! ^^

My Book-off Experience

As I’ve said before, this blog was made in celebration of my 1 year anniversary with T&T, so I feel that telling my story of how I got to know Takizawa Hideaki and Imai Tsubasa would be very appropriate!

Short Version:
2002/2003– saw good-looking guy on the cover of a Japanese magazine, found out his name was “Takizawa Hideaki
2005– d/led and listened to “Sotsugyou~Sayonara wa ashita no tame ni~” and fell in love with it!
2006, May– searched and watched MANY vids of Tackey (and Tsubasa) while YouTube surfing, dug up a TON of info on T&T from the web. I was hooked! (My interest for Tsubasa came eventually afterwards)

Dare to venture into the details?

This is for you, Kev…an entry that is NOT (directly) related to fangirling!

Yesterday was a day where I think I’ve redeemed on all my “beauty sleep” credits. It all started with a minor headache-like feeling after work. Actually, I don’t even know if it really was a headache or not; it was more like a dull aching at the back of my eye/brain-kinda-thing. (Unless you’ve experienced something similar before, you are probably giving me the “weirdo” look right about now =P) Perhaps it was just fatigue that got my head feeling a little funny. Anyway, when I got home, I plopped myself down on the sofa in the living room, where my mom was watching this Korean drama that I semi-follow (I’m also not quite sure of the name of it). I fell asleep within seconds. This was around 7:00 pm.

My mom woke me up around 7:30 for dinner. Bummer, my “headache” was still there. 😦 After dinner, I didn’t feel like doing anything because of the stupid headache; I didn’t even feel like going on the computer (surprise!) But knowing that sleeping again at this time was probably not such a good idea, I tried to stay awake by chatting with my mom. Unfortunately, we chatted sitting on her bed, so eventually, both me and my mom fell asleep again around 8:45 pm.

When I woke up again, I was greeted with both good and bad news: Good news? My headache was gone! Bad news? It was 11:00…pm still. EEK! “What to do?!” I pondered as I took a shower. (I was actually STILL in my work clothes all this time, meaning business casual dress shirt & pants. It’s a wonder I slept so soundly during the past 2 times!) After that, I quickly did my daily routine on the computer (ie. email, T&T blogs, etc.) and tried to return to sleep at a little past midnight. Thank God for my usual ability to drift off to dreamland at the snap of a finger! I actually fell asleep AGAIN within minutes! Note: this is actually earlier than my usual sleep time too! Which makes it all the more amazing!

I woke up a couple times before my alarm at 9:00 am. But every time, I fell back asleep instantly. ^^ Yappari, Takki’s “sleep demon” must have been with me!* 😀 Nearly 12 hours of sleep in total. I seriously have not slept away this much of a 24-hr day in a while.

*In reference to Takiren Vol. 301, specifically Nere’s translation (you must be logged in though)

Today at church, a new guy came. He’s from Japan! Too bad I didn’t work up the courage to go up to him and speak my not-very-fluent 日本語 *sweat*, even with coaxing from some of my guy friends who know my *ahem* tendencies for Japanese guys (or all things Japanese for that matter! LOL~). I tell myself: “Next week! Zettai ni!” Good thing there’s a high chance of him coming again because he is actually a homestay at my friend, Jon’s place! ^^ SHUSH! I know I am pathetic…XP

Other than that, I went for Korean food today with my church friends. I’m not big on red-chili spicy foods, so ordering was a bit of a hassle, but I still managed and enjoyed my lunch! We went to stroll around IKEA afterwards! I LOVE THAT STORE!!! haha 😀

What’s coming up:
Wed – biostat “lab” exam (it’s actually to test our usage of this computer program…retarded, I think, because when am I ever gonna use that specific program to calculate statistics again?! NEVER!!! ><)
Thurs – biostat final written exam
Finally! My summer can REALLY start after all this! Can’t wait! =)

Time frame: 1 short year
Reason: Tackey & Tsubasa obsession
Result: the following… (goods in photos are non-inclusive)

  • a couple CDs
  • a couple DVDs
  • 2 con pamphlets
  • 2 uchiwas
  • a calendar + 2 photobooks
  • 30+ official photos
  • many posters
  • 4 magazines
  • MANY pages ripped from old calendars, magazines, and TV guides (pre-debut)
  • a few Tackey dramas
  • other odds & ends (eg. notepad, keychain, towel, stickers, …etc.)

Considering my usual tendency to “save money”, and the fact that I STILL have yet to search out a Japanese shop in my city, I think this really is quite an amazing feat! Of course, I must give credit and express my gratitude to the many friends, fangirls, aunts, and also my mom for going out of their way to get for me (mostly as gifts) some, ok, much of the goods in the above list. Seriously, when people around you know about your obsession, it makes gift-giving SUCH an easy task…not to mention it is guaranteed to put a 🙂 on their faces too! If only it were that way with all the people (especially guys) that I know. That would make life a whole lot easier…LOL~

One of the miscellaneous goods that I have is a Tackey photobook from China, from when he was still in his Jr. days. The quality of the photos are horrible, but hey, it’s super cheap! I’ve scanned here 2 of the best pics:
There is also an article on Jr. Tackey. Since it’s in chinese, I was happy to translate for everyone ^^ ENJOY!~

We love Jr. Takki!~


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