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Hip hop classes for 4 days in a row…yosh~ I feel fit (but also sore)! haha 😀

My past few days were quite T&T eventful! Well, more like the fangirl in me had the chance to come through and go “KYAA~” quite a few times 😛
1) I went to a Japanese supermarket and saw…

  • Zubari Iu Wa Yo! tapes for rent~ (there was also the drama Hana Kimi too! I was shocked they actually had that! But why still tape and not dvd?!)
  • the food that Kyon often ate (for the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called…”hayashi chuu?” something like that?)
  • a whole fridge of nattou (which I didn’t dare buy an entire box to try =S)
  • no celeb magazines though, only fashion ones 😦

2) I got my Dame Tour, May con goods from Jan, who delivered it literally RIGHT to my doorsteps! In addition to the promised pamphlet, unit poster, and the photo set, she even added in the super kakkoii Tackey poster for me as a bonus!~ THANKS for being so sweet, Jan~ *hugz* (I showed my mom some of the photos and she’s like “Wah! They are topless?!” HAHA ^^)

3) During lecture, my prof showed a picture of a waterfall and my immediate thought? “TAKKI!!!”

4) I was chatting with my friend Winnie about my plan to go to Japan with the “purpose” of finding a Japanese bf next year, and I jokingly said “Ya, I’ll go after Tackey ^^~” Her response was “DO IT!! You never know, Sarah! It is possible that he’ll like you too! You look like a cute Japanese girl and everything! You just gotta stand out from the other fans, that’s all!” And she was quite serious about it too! *LOL* I cracked up so badly, partly because it was SO sadly and ridiculously impossible, and partly because just mere thinking about having Tackey, the Takizawa Hideaki, as my bf, made me giggle to no end~ Ahh, I’m so silly sometimes~

But not to worry, ladies, I at least need to get my Japanese down packed, which will take a while. (Although I must admit, having Takki speak Engrish to me would be quite entertaining *lol*) And of course, I can already foresee all the hate mails flooding my inbox and appearing on every single Takki blog out there if this were to happen…YIKES!

On a different note, next week, I have to do a mini teaching session to my class. I have 10 mins to teach them something…anything. I would totally love to teach them about Johnny’s, but somehow I don’t think that’ll go well. I think I’ll be the only person throughout the 10 mins and afterwards who will be super hyped up and bubbling all over…while the rest of my class will either a) -_-” b) *roll eyes* or c) ZZZzzz. Hm, what topic should I change it to?

Anyway, as promised, I translated some Jr. Takki tidbits from a few of the YES! 1999 issues that I had. These aren’t actual articles, but more like mini random info/gossip kind of thing. Happy reading~

Jr. Takki Tidbits


I FINALLY kicked myself off my lazy butt and updated here!! I already knew this would happen…me updating less because I’m trying to juggle everything now that school has started. Let’s see, what do I need to make time for?

  • School (-_-“)
  • Part time work
  • Homework/studying
  • Exercise (Hip Hop class and maybe netball?)
  • Church
  • Catching up on T&T (and NewS and Arashi and KAT-TUN…) news and vids through surfing through youtube and the many fansites
  • Translating T&T magazine articles (and Taiyou wa Shizumanai and maybe trying to sub some vids :P)
  • Self-studying Japanese
  • Seriously looking into working/living in Japan next year
  • Watching dramas ^^
  • Updating this bloggie here~
  • Oh right, I guess I need to sleep too…

Fun stuff, eh? Now the REAL question is: How much of that can I actually manage to accomplish? Er…I’ll get back to you on that. *lol*

Anyway, I’ve been following all the rants surrounding the T&T Best of Album release. I don’t want an argument to break out in the fandom, so I’ve been keeping quiet and I’m not going to take sides. I’ll just say, I can see where most people who have spoken come from, as in, I can see the reasonings behind both sides. True, old time fans are probably not thrilled about the track-list, but that’s what I’ve imagined as a “Best of Album” anyway, so we really can’t complain TOO much. Besides, I have no doubt this will vacuum-suck in new fans and bring back those who have drifted away from T&T before. And the chances of current fans leaving the T&T fandom because of a rather disappointing album is not very likely. So all in all, it’s a GOOD thing for the fandom, guys! We will probably increase in numbers a bit after this yo~ THINK POSITIVE!! 😀

Hm…what else? Oh yes, I’ve pre-ordered the Version A of the Best of Album! I don’t really know much of their pre-debut songs, so I’m not crazy about that. But THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY VIDEO!! I cannot let that one go! I really really hope Avex puts more effort into making that precious vid. It IS our boys’ big year afterall! Please don’t disappoint us (since they already have with that HIDEOUS album cover *stabs Avex*)! And since I didn’t order the TakiTsuba Clips back then, the PV medley would be nice too~ ^^

But what is even MORE exciting is that I’m finally getting my Dame Tour, Osaka Con goods!!! KKYYYAAAA~~~!! 😀 😀 If you recall, that was wwaaaayyy back in May! Now after 4 long months, I will finally have them in my hands~
A HUGE thank you to Jan!! Without your kind offer to help me get the goodies, I know there’d be NO WAY I’d be able to get my hands on the kakkoii pamphlet, the *HOT* half hadaka poster and the photo set~ And the fact that you had to keep them with you all these months so that you could fly them back when you returned to Vancouver…you deserve a big *CHUUU* ^_~ You are the best!

It is also unbelievable how close Jan lives to me! A mere 5, 10 min drive away!! CRAZY, huh? I met her on Bonnie‘s old blog when she was still on exchange in Japan, and now realized she’s practically my neighbour (and my school-mate! Go UBC~)! It’s SUCH a small world~ I can’t wait for my first meeting with a fellow fangirl in real life! *doki toki* I foresee much, if not, at least some fangirling sessions ahead XD~ Wow, this is still too surreal… 🙂

Coming up: More translations of random Jr. Takki bits!~

PS. I’ve noticed that every time I update, my blog hits counts double compared to my usual daily hits. I’m still puzzled as to how people know that I updated and then come to read the entry. Does it have something to do with the RSS feeds or something? Does my site even have that?! I’m confused…

In Takki’s famous words on Rengou…”What day is it today?”

Tackey & Tsubasa’s 5th Anniversary!!!

Besides, the Hatachi album, I don’t have many other valuables in my T&T collection that really commemorates this special day. The closest thing I have is a 2002 concert pamphlet, titled “2002 Johnny’s Jr. Concert Tackey + Tsubasa Performed by All Johnny’s Jr.“, given to me by Kaori, who used to follow the Johnny’s. Now let me clarify, I doubt this was THE pamphlet for their debut con, but rather it was probably their last concert as Jrs. Skimming over the blurbs, it also seems like this may have been the last con that they planned and produced together before their deubt…Can anyone confirm this for me please??

Either way, as a gift to all of you wonderful fangirls who actually leave comments, I’ve decided to scan most of the pamphlet here (well, all the pages with T&T anyway:P). But let me warn you first of the not-so-great-quality and the off-centeredness of the scans…I couldn’t bear to bend my poor pamphlet anymore or the pages will start falling out >< The binding of the 1st page is already starting to show *cries* Anyway, enough of the ranting! They are free for the taking, so ENJOY! 😀 (If anyone wants any of these in a larger scan, leave me a msg and I’ll rescan it for you!) “Johnny’s U.S.A.”?! *LOL* what the heck o.O…

02 jr con 102 jr con 202 jr con 302 jr con 402 jr con 502 jr con 602 jr con 702 jr con 802 jr con 902 jr con 1002 jr con 1102 jr con 1202 jr con 1302 jr con 1402 jr con 1502 jr con 16

I am currently trying to u/l a mini debut documentary clip (2:40, 26.2 MB) but it’s taking FOREVER! I’ll post the link up asap~
Mini debut documentary [2:40, 26 MB] (tons of behind the scenes!):
= updated d/l link: Feb. 5 = http://www.mediafire.com/?4th4bsc2t1s

And how can ANYBODY who calls themselves a T&T fan NOT rewatch (and sing along to ^^) their debut trilogy?

Ki.Se.Ki (滝沢秀明)

Get Down (今井翼)

True Heart (タッキー&翼)

More good stuff!~

I was going to write this before school officially started up, but the procrastinator in me won over once again.

1) A recap of my parents-free long weekend:
– Worked the day away
– Rushed to church right after work to practice playing the violin for song offering for sunday
– Rushed to Jon’s house right after the practice for HK style BBQ dinner~ (and yes, that is the “everybody-gets-a-BBQ-fork-and-roast-your-food-over-the-hot-coals” kind of BBQ! :D)

– Played violin for all 3 worship services
– Lunch at a Korean Tofu Soup House (I think that’s what it’s called?). I had Bibimbap which came with a kimchi tofu soup, and surprise surprise, I finished the soup despite its spiciness! In fact, the soup was actually pretty good! *gasp*
– Gelato dessert afterwards…hmm green tea and strawberry peach~
– Rented movies and headed to my place
– Watched the 1st movie: Duel list <– a Korean contemporary artistic action movie that takes place in historical times
(Bern & Josh fell asleep because it was actually sorta boring…but the main actor was SO PRETTY!!)
– Went for Chinese food dinner at 10 ish
– Back to my house and started an Asian horror movie marathon (which is not usually my thing) at midnight

> 2nd movie: Whispering Corridor <– a Korean movie about a dead student returning to a highschool
> 3d movie: The Eye <– a Cantonese movie about a girl seeing ghosts after a cornea transplant. Jessica Alba is doing a remake of this movie! (This was the best out of all the movies that day, even though it was the 3rd time I’ve seen it!)
> 4th movie: The Eye 2 <– a Cantonese movie about a girl strangely becoming pregnant after a suicide attempt; she sees ghosts too. Nothing to do with The Eye

– 4 of the guys left after The Eye, at around 3:30 am; Dong and Bernice stayed
– Dong and I watched The Eye 2 (Bern was asleep) and finally slept around 5 am~

– Woke up at 9 ish
– Watched/fast forwarded through the BoA 2005 concert dvd
– Ate “brunch” with my high school friends at Denny’s
– Took a nap and attempted to clean my room 😛
– Went out for Chinese food dinner with parents and friends

– Basically went to school in the mornings and worked right afterwards, because the bank was very short staffed. It’s SO tiring!!!

*sigh* I wonder if my schedule will get better any time soon…School has not been the most interesting thing so far >.<

2) Post summer thoughts:
Minus the fact that it wasn’t hot enough, it’s been a great summer overall~
– Learned a ton about banking from my part time teller job, which I absolutely had no idea of before!
– Had many chances at the bank to practice my Mandarin and a bit of Japanese too with Dong! My confidence level has gone up for both languages 😀
– My hair went from straight/barely wavy to actually curly and looking like it’s partly permed…AU NATURAL! It’s strange yet amazing, and I LOVE IT!!!
– Started to seriously consider living/working in Japan for a year next year after graduation!
– Started contributing to the T&T fandom through translations…I feel good about that 🙂
– And most importantly, I made quite a few new friends both at the bank and from friends of friends ^^ Starting new friendships are always exciting! Too bad a few of them have already/will be leaving Vancouver to go back to their places of study *sob*…I’m sure going to miss them and I hope we’ll keep in touch!

By the way, I got a mixi account! If any of you have it, feel free to add me! Here’s my page~

And finally, 4 days until Tackey & Tsubasa’s 5th anniversary!~~ Yipee! 😀


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