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Today must have been “work” day for the local robbers or something, because the bank where I work at got robbed – along with 2 other branches in the Bby/Vancouver area! I was there but luckily it wasn’t me who got robbed. In fact, I didn’t even know there was trouble until the robber left and the security guard started closing the gates. Afterwards, the police came to question the witnesses and dust for fingerprints, etc. The bank was closed for an hour and a half! Extra long lunch hour and they even bought goodies (cakes, timbits) for everyone! so some good did come out of the whole ordeal~ I don’t think I should talk too much about the whole incident for whatever reasons (you never know, but anyway, I don’t know much about the details anyway)… All I’ll say is that I hope Eric is not TOO shaken up from the whole ordeal. He went home afterwards, so I hope he had a good day of rest. Poor guy receiving a death threat. I probably would have been scared out of my wits!!

On to happier thoughts! As promised, Tackey translation time! This time it comes from YES! April 30, 1999.

YES! scan 1587X1242 @ 150 dpi (486kb)
YES! scan 2 807X621 @ 75 dpi (230kb)
I’m not sure at which resolution I should scan these articles, but the first one looks the best on my comp. But I’ve also been told that my resolution is higher than the average comp’s, so I’ve included the 2nd one, which is smaller in size. Let me know which one works the best for ya (or if neither of them do, then I’m open to suggestions)! Sorry for the slight graininess. I’m having trouble fixing it…

For those of you who don’t know, YES! magazine is a weekly magazine from Hong Kong featuring idols and stars from mainly Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. It also has random comics, quizzes, articles…you know, the usual fluff! This magazine is sorta different though, because it is in actual book form! From the stack of ancient issues that someone gave me recently, it seems like in every issue, there are/were a couple sections devoted to Japanese celebs. I will definitely flip through them when I get the chance! The only thing that bugs me is that YES! has many articles written in cantonese slang that makes it SO much harder to read! ><

Anyway, enough of my rant! The idol that stole the spotlight from the Japanese section of this issue is none other than our very own 滝沢秀明!

First Painful Loss (Takizawa Hideaki)


It came, SAM, the bookmark came!!!
HONTONI ARIGATOU!! It’s so pretty~ and the notes too! so many of them and really kawaii ^^ Thanks for being such a darling and spending all that time making it and mailing it to me~ *hugz* I’m so glad that it made it here safely and that you didn’t need to remake another one~ Yes, T&T fangirls are THE BEST! no doubt ^^ (I cannot believe you watched 35 eps of Yoshitsune in 2 days!!! Oh my~ *LOL* but yes, i will eventually be watching that. It’s a promise! 😉 )

This week is pretty much the most interesting week I’ve had in a while, with a lot of eating out times. Yay food! 😀

– Ate at TGI Fridays. Yummy Chicken Quesadillas!
– Welcome back to Vancouver after a year of PhD at U of Toronto, Charles!
– Met a new Japanese homestay student here to study English (though he’s not the cutest, ie. nowhere near Johnny’s material XD). Spoke to him in Japanese a bit. 緊張だったけど、嬉しかった~ He said my Japanese was good too…haha, yeah right *roll eyes* My friend then asked him what he thought of Tackey (since I talk about Tackey so much *lol*)
Him: Takki…?
Me: 滝沢秀明です。私は大好き!アイドルです。^^
Him: Ah! Tackey! He’s handsome, but…*he couldn’t find the right word, but he said “sports”*
Me: スポーツ??
Him: Yes, sports
My friend took it to mean that Tackey is a player, which I absolutely refused to accept of course! ><
– Played the Wii for the 1st time!! Played some of those small random games (don’t know what they are called) and tried out all the sports games:

> Baseball: I got NOWHERE pass the homebase because I either missed the ball entirely during batting, or I finally managed to hit it, but it would be caught by someone from the other team every single time > Bowling: I actually did pretty well! Beginner’s luck, perhaps?
> Tennis: The funnest one of all!
> Boxing: Ah, my arms! This one was actually good for exercising, but too tiring for my liking!
> Golf: Didn’t do too bad, but it’s hard to control how hard I swung

Yes, I definitely wanna play the Wii again sometime soon!

– Ate at the Korean restaurant Insadong with my parents. We had Korean/Japanese style beef & veggie hotpot. It was a bit on the expensive side though, given I was not even full (last time I went there with my friends, i was SUPER full!) The waiters there were mostly young Korean guys, but none of them really caught my attention XP.
– Dessert at Cumpari’s *gasp* No website?! I shared a slice of half-tiramisu-half-chocolate mousse cake with my mom (almost $7! *cringes*, but pretty desserts make me happy~) while my dad had a coconut gelato cone.


– Ate at the Afghan Horsemen. Authentic Afghan dishes (I had Dolmah, which are basically cabbage rolls with rice and herbs inside, topped with ground beef and sour cream. I’m making myself SO hungry right now :P) in a very authentic atmosphere where we sat on cushions on the ground with our shoes off..made this an unforgettable experience. But what is even more unforgettable was that I chose to wear somewhat of a mini-skirt. NOT a good choice when you are supposed to be sitting cross-legged on the ground to eat! >< I tried sitting the Japanese way, but my legs soon got tired. I ended up just stretching them all the way out under the table. HAHA
During this dinner, my guy friends also make fun of Tackey’s name being “tacky” *clutches my poor poor heart in tears and pain*sob* 😦
– Dessert at Cheesecake Etc. My beloved Cheesecake Trifle awaits me! So good, love the whole strawberries *drools*
– Goodbye, Kevin! We send you off to med school over at U of Calgary! Work hard but don’t get too stressed out!

– Stayed home the whole day and watched mainly Arashi videos off Youtube…the entire day. *LOL* This was my1st “official” exposure to Arashi (I’ve only d/led some of their songs before, and i like quite a few of them ^^). Now I’ve actually started learning their names! Yosh~ I’m making progress! 😀
Excuse me for a moment for sharing a few fangirling-worthy clips (no worries, guys, T&T are still my #1!):

> Arashi getting SUPER HIGH (subbed) ! (Arashi was SERIOUSLY HIGH on something that night! But it’s HILARIOUS!! definitely a must watch!!!)
> Arashi eating cake, spaghetti, and soba (Watch Aiba STUFF himself in all 3 clips! ^^ so cute~ I actually eat like him quite a lot too! Or at least used to)
> Aiba’s hot CM (I wished I were that girl!)

Still to come:
– Eating at the Water Street Cafe for Rosalie’s bday dinner. “Dress to impress” = another skirt night? You bet!

– Potluck at Jon’s. I wanna make dessert! What to make this time…hrm….

Wow, unbelievable! I actually managed to mention food in all the days! *LOL* 😀
ps. next entry will probably be another Tackey translation, so watch for it!

Shimura Zoo

Posted on: July 22/07

Let me say this straight out first: I love YouTube. It is my key to discovering many all things I would not have known otherwise, from random to actually educational! Without it, I would be utterly hopeless in catching up with the Japanese culture that I find absolutely fascinating and which I love so dearly right now. Ahh, if only the video quality was better…

But when YouTube has closed down you account for the 2nd time due to uploading “copyrighted material”, it is really no fun at all *humph*! All those favorited videos that I saved!! ALL GONE! 😡 Should I get another acct to save up those vids again (and not upload anything)? Hm…maybe that’s what I’ll end up doing. I’ll see…

Anyway, today I had one heck of a good time watching videos off YouTube!
Presenting my new favorite show:
天才!志村どうぶつ園 (Genius! Shimura Zoo)
Exotic animals + Celebrities + Japanese = AN AWESOME SHOW!!!

From the episodes I’ve seen so far, it seems like the basic idea is that a celeb is sent to a house, where an animal (or animals) awaits them. They then have to take care of them for an entire day. It seems like they do not previously know what kind of animal they will encounter either. That added up with the unexpected things that animals do, which result in even more unexpected things that the Japanese celebs will do, makes this such a funny and cute show at the same time!! Aiba-chan from Arashi is one of the hosts too, though he’s not featured during the VTR parts, which are the part I’ve been watching. Check them out yourself because I can’t squeal over them enough! It makes me want some of these as pets~ 😀

I’ve posted here the part 1 links to these videos. I hope you can find the other parts yourself! If not, leave me a msg and I’ll post those links up too ^^
Becky & Koala
Becky & Panda
Becky & Beaver
Izumi Mori & Cheetah
Takki & Monkey (actually, i’m not sure if this clip is from part of this show, but it seems to fit in very nicely~)
Aiba in South Africa (not part of the “animal-at-home” series; it is just him visiting an African zoo. But watching Aiba-chan speak Engrish is SOOO HILARIOUS *think of the Jr. Disneyland clip where Takki goes “I-I-I don’t cry” and Aiba asks the lady “Do you speak English?”* except this is even more of that! XD)

Those are the ones I’ve watched so far; I will definitely be digging up more of these later on~ Tanoshimini! 😀

= edit: July 23 =
More clips worth sharing!
Aiba in the Phillipines
Aiba’s 1st Task
Aiba’s Engrish (compilation of the many clips where he speaks Engrish, mostly from this show) <– I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

Aiba-chan~ You are too cute!! My love for you has grown so much in the past 2 days ^_^

Wow! Haven’t updated in over a week already! No worries guys, I’m still alive~

To catch up, here’s my compilation post of random things that have been happening:
– updated last post with Tackey’s translations! Go read!
Too bad it’s quite concert-focused and not AS interesting as Tsu’s…

– FINALLy finished Majo no Jouken and Hana Yori Dango!
Majo: The ending is REAL! It simply has to be!
HYD: I for sure need to watch HYD 2 now! No doubt!

– rewatched Satomi Hakkenden with my parents. (click on the link to go to the official webpage with galleries and such!)
I LOOOVE this story plot! So exciting! Not to mention there are good eye candies ^^ Takki is so kakoii with that long hair and i can’t obsess enough over that “swing-and-point-the-sword-at-you pose! KYA~~ Shoon is a cutie pie too! That first scene in the 2nd ep where he carries the puppy back to its mother…KAWAII~ The pup kept its eyes on Shoon’s face the whole time as he was putting him down. Aww, it’s too cute for words ^_^ My mom also thinks that Oshio Manabu (押尾学), who plays Genbachi, is not bad looking either. Apparently he speaks fluent English and sings too! Too bad he announced that he’s no longer acting though…

– was flipping through the TV channels and realized that there is a Japanese TV channel here!
From the TV guide, I could see that they broadcast Music Station and Kurosagi and such. But too bad my parents didn’t order it though 😦 *boo*

– went again to the Japanese bookstore that I talked about before.
I didn’t really believe that they didn’t sell Johnny’s magazines, so I decided to ask them again…using my not-so-pro Japanese just because I can.
Bad move *lol*
Me: あの。。。すみません。 ジャニーズの雑誌、例えば DUET とか POPOLO とか MYOJO とか ありますか?
Him: (something something…日本語で…)
Me: えっ??o.O
Him: (repeats what he just said)
Me: *blank look on face*
Him: Um, do you want to buy or have you already bought it?
Me: Oh! I want to buy… *sweat*
(I actually would have understood him if he just used a simpler sentence, like “もう買いましたか?買いたいですか?” But nooo! He had to use this long complicated sentence and spoke so fast! >.<)
…And the rest of the conversation continued in English. 😳 Apparently they do sell it, but they would only have them if people sold them to the store as 2nd-handed magazines. They didn’t have it that day again. My guess is that 1) people either want to keep their mags, like I do, or 2) even if they were sold back to the store, people come and buy them again in no time! Yappari, Johnny’s is popular ne!~ I must go stalk that store now…XD

– KYAAA-ed over SAMURAI covers!
SAMURAI a Version A
I’m sorry to say, but this is my least favorite one because of the oh-so-corny pose on both of them. Let’s compare Jedi Takki to Obi Wan and Spidey Tsu to Spiderman
(Actually, I was going to say “Ninja Tsu”, but I couldn’t find a good pic…)
Obi Wanspiderman2spiderman1
I sure see the resemblance, don’t you? 😛

SAMURAI b Version B
This one is nice! I like how they have that “exploring-the-woods” kinda look to it (if you minus the paparazzi stage lights, that is). And you can see most of their kakkoii outfits! Pretty~

SAMURAI c Version C
This one is good too! You get to see their manly side profiles *lol* The swords making a V in the middle is quite artistic too! I just wished that Tsubasa won’t look so angry and that the yukatas would show more…*fingers crossed that there will be pics of them in the full outfits in the CD booklets, since this is the version I bought*

On the official site, they updated the opening animation with SAMURAI, followed by Enbujou. They also added in a couple more goodies to versions B and C! Version B now includes a “booklet full of photos” in addition to the solo PVs DVD (It’s probably the same photo booklet that comes with version C). And Version C now has some kind of “triangular bookcase” (?) in addition to the original goodies of double-sided poster, card-sticker, “booklet full of photos” and of course HIMEGOTO~ Version A seems like it still only has the Live Version Music Clips and the Offshots though.

I wonder which cover they will use for the poster… CAN’T WAIT!!! ^^

Much thanks to Sarah Ann and Bonnie for responding to my last post! ^^ You guys gave me the boost to start on the translations, so other fans who read the translations should thank you too! 😀

My original plan was to translate the entire article (ie. Both Tackey & Tsu’s parts) before posting it up. But it’s taking a bit longer than I though, so I’ll just post up one of the T’s interview first, and when I’m done with the other one, I’ll post that up too (probably in a few days time). I’ll also put a big “UPDATED” in the title so you’ll know the other part is up too~

My first translation comes from Taiwan Wink Up June 2003.


Grab the full size scans here. There is also a Japanese version with the same content, but slightly different photos!

Since I am still an amateur at this, please pardon some awkward sentences and word choices. No, my Engrish is not bad! XP It’s just that when I have to deal with 2 languages, my mind gets slightly confused…*LOL* I’m pretty sure you can still understand what I’m trying to get at, though!

Anyway, I translated Tsubasa’s section first, but haven’t done Tackey’s yet.
Sooo…onto the translation!!

Spring Breeze (Tsubasa Imai) & Feeling (Takizawa Hideaki)

I just read my newsmail from cdjapan about the new releases that are coming up. Apparently, NEWS is releasing a tour DVD (Never Ending Wonderful Story) on Aug. 8, THE SAME DAY AS TACKEY & TSUBASA’S SAMURAI RELEASE!!! I don’t even know who to blame anymore…Avex? or Johnny-san? Don’t get me wrong, I really think NEWS is a great group with many talented (and cute ^^) singers and many of their songs I really do love and melt over!~ But the same release date?! >< grrr…as if last time, the number of sales for Dame didn’t prove anything! Seriously, why must JE groups be put against each other like this? First it’s KAT-TUN, and now NEWS. First it’s an album, and now it’s a dvd. Both of these are so much bigger than a single too! I just hope that maybe, just MAYBE, since this time it’s visual against audio, that it will be a different case than last time. Perhaps people will be more reluctant to spend more money on a dvd than just a single? (And besides, Samurai is such a lively song too! I personally like Samurai more than Dame. ) *sigh* I don’t even know how to reason it out anymore. 😦 My dearest Takki & Tsubie, I really wish history doesn’t repeat itself like last time. I really hope that your sales for this single will pick up MUCH more and surpass any of our expectations…

= edit =
On a different note, I found quite a few issues of Taiwan Wink Up and other Chinese magazine articles on T&T from Boys_Paper LJ Community. Recalling back to how I really enjoyed reading Wribbit’s translations during the Dame countdown, I’m thinking about translating these articles here. But the thing is, they are dated quite a few years ago (2001, 2003, etc.), so I’m wondering if I’ll just be wasting my time translating them.

So here are a few questions:
1) How many of you would still like to read stuff from back in the days?
2) Would you like me to translate more of Takki’s parts, Tsu’s parts or both Ts?
3) Are you interested in articles about other JE groups too? mainly KAT-TUN and NEWS (but of course, translating Tackey & Tsubasa articles always take first priority!)

Anyway, do drop me a line to tell me your thoughts, and I’ll do my best from there, depending on how many people respond! 🙂


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