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Remember how I said that there was an incomplete conversation involving both Tackey & Tsubasa in this article?

Well, I usually find scans of these articles online and then translate them, but for this one, I am guessing a page is missing 😦 Oh well, sorry…

T&T basically chat about “Yume Monogatari” and “Hito Natsu no…”, and getting pumped up for concerts.

Joining them in mid-conversation…


No Josh, my blog ain’t dead (yet). 😛

Tsubasa’s part of the interview.
Includes talk about “Kaze no Uta” and TONGARI CORN commercials.
Sorry for the delay.

Dreams (Tsubasa Imai)

Haven’t done a translation in sooooo long that I’m probably terribly rusty now ><.

But I’m in the mood to do one! Taiwan Wink Up Dec 2003.

WU Dec 2003

Doing Tackey’s part first, then Tsubasa’s, then an incomplete conversation involving both!

Tackey’s part includes talk about “IT’S ONLY DREAM” and the show “GOLDEN MUSCLE”.

Tackey & Tsubasa, whose long awaited new single “Yume Monogatari” will for sure sell. Asking them to talk a bit about this time’s new single that everyone is watching out for. Solo songs, recent events, and their dreams…All these things about those 2 are in this report!!

Dreams (Hideaki Takizawa)

Tsubasa’s section from this post!

He talks about the joys (eg. seeing old friends) and pains (eg. sleeping for 2 hours) of filming for “Neverland”, his first drama with a main role. He also mentions singing karaoke with his senpai, wanting to get his driver’s license asap, and joining a soccer team but never going to practices!

Edging (Tsubasa Imai)

Wow, 2 major changes in my life has happened since I last updated:

  • Done the VERY last final exam of my Bachelor’s degree!!! I’m finally free! Well, for now anyway…
  • I have to cross off “boyfriend hunting” from my list of “things to do in Japan”. Hm, I guess you can figure out what THAT means 😉 It’s gonna be tough if/when I’m in Japan, but we’ll do our best, right? ^_~

I’ll spare you the details of those 2 points and move onto something that is probably more interesting to you than my life. And that is…Tackey’s translation from Taiwan Wink Up Oct 2001.

He talks about wanting to drive a convertible when he’s old, crying if his wife runs off, and back-dancing for KAT-TUN?!

Six Ideal Images (Hideaki Takizawa)

First off, today is March 29th! Which means it’s a certain someone’s birthday~ 😀
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, TAKKI!~ I hope your celebration (with Tsu) is as much fun this year as it was last year!


もう26歳の滝沢君がいろんな人に差し響きました。私もあなたのために変わりました。五年前、雑誌に一目ぼれしてしまった、今も悔いません。日本にずっと行きたい理由はいっぱいありますけど、滝沢君に会いたいのが大切です。歌手とか俳優とかアイドルだけじゃなくて、ロールモデルです。秀君が子供の時から一所懸命ジャニーズの仕事をするし、疲れる時もファンの喜びのために諦めないし、本当に皆に尊敬に価します。でもね~体に気をつけたほうがいいですよ!日々パソコンで疲れ切たそうで、細そうな滝沢君が見ると、私は心から心配しまいました。去年女方や少年倶楽部にダンスのグルップをプロデュースこと、いろんな新しい経験がありました。今年も頑張ってくださいね!日本に行けたら、絶対に楽しみしています。秀君は私の “First Love” だから、いつまでも支持していますよ!お誕生日おめでとう、滝沢くん!

(So many grammatical mistake, and I don’t know how to correct them all…if sensei saw this, she’d probably not be too thrilled ><)

Another thing was that there was heavy snowfall yesterday and heavy hail today! It’s practically April already! Was it seriously reality?! o.O

I’ve been meaning to write about these dreams for a while, but have been totally putting it off. So now that I’m finally writing, a lot of it has disappeared from my memory already… *boo* 😦 But apparently, based on my subconscious mind only, this is how I see the following celebrities:

  • Tackey = my playfully flirty crush
  • Tsubasa = my over-enthusiastic teacher
  • Aiba = my SUPAA AIDORU!! (Super Idol~ ^^)
  • Massu = my hot passionate lover
  • BoA = my celebrity rival who doesn’t stand a chance against me *muahaha*
  • Kame/Nakamaru/KAT-TUN = a group of cool, chattable bunch of boys

To DreamLand~

More than a month later, I’m finally finishing off the 2nd part of the translations from this post…v_v”

Onto Tackey’s favorite things as an 18 year old who forms groups, loves spacious roads, and doesn’t like to dye his hair!

Favorites (Hideaki Takizawa)


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